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  1. How to get to Yakushima. Most visitors to Yakushima, whether traveling by air or sea, will pass through Kagoshima (see how to get to Kagoshima). The only way to circumvent Kagoshima is by taking a direct flight from Osaka or Fukuoka to Yakushima. By high speed boat from Kagoshim
  2. Catching the ferry is the easiest way to travel to Yakushima, with the two most popular boats leaving from the main Minami-futo Port in Kagoshima. You have three options though, creating a Goldilocks scenario—you just have to figure out the right combination of time and price for your trip
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  4. Getting to Yakushima by ferry there are several options: Jetfoil: The fastest option for foot travellers to reach Yakushima by boat is by jetfoil. The Toppy and Rocket jetfoils run from Kagoshima port to either Miyanoura or Anbo port on Yakushima several times a day, however some make a detour via Tanageshima and Ibusuki. The direct.

Traveling to Yakushima via Train, Plane, or Ferry. Only a few airports actually service Yakushima Island directly: Kagoshima (KOJ), Osaka (ITM), and Fukuoka (FUK). Kagoshima is located at the southernmost tip of Kyushu Island One of the most popular ways to get to Yakushima is by the Toppy or Rocket hydrofoil service. There are around eight round trips daily between Kagoshima's high speed ferry terminal and Yakushima (Miyanoura or Anbo Port). Some travel directly to the island, but others go via the neighboring Tanegashima Island or Ibusuki To get there there is a bus from the center at 15:45 (Nanatsujima direction) that arrives at Taniyama Port at 5 pm (380 ¥). You can also go by train to Sakanuoe and walk or take a taxi for the remaining 3 km. 3,600 ¥ one way. Miyanoura seen from the ferry, with Yakushima mountains in the background. YAKUSHIMA AIRPOR

Yakushima (屋久島) is a subtropical island off the southern coast of Kyushu and part of Kagoshima Prefecture. It is covered by an extensive cedar forest that contains some of Japan's oldest living trees. Trees more than 1000 years old are affectionately called yakusugi (a combination of Yakushima and sugi, the Japanese word for cedar), the most ancient of which may be over 7000 years old The cheapest, and most exciting way to get to Yakushima is by the Hibiscus freighter ship. The Hibiscus leaves Kagoshima at 18:00 every day and arrives at Miyanoura Port at 08:00 the next morning. The ship docks at Tanegeshima Port overnight but you cannot leave the vessel

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  1. utes bus ride from Yakushima airport (屋久島空港) Access: 4 hours by ferry or one hour and 50
  2. utes to 4 hours. You can reach the trails by bus or taxi from Anbo. Entrance to the park costs 500 yen
  3. Getting to Yakushima. You can reach Yakushima by plane or boat. In both cases you will most probably have to go through Kagoshima. By boat. Ferries run between Kagoshima and Yakushima. Some are direct but most stop at Tanegashima. You should count on a 2 to 3 hours trip with the Toppy boats depending on the stops
  4. istratively, the whole island is the town of Yakushima. The town also serves neighbouring Kuchinoerabujima. The majority of the island is within the borders of the Kirishima-Yaku National Park
  5. Access: The trailhead can be accessed by bus from Miyanoura. It costs ¥550 and takes around half an hour. Be sure to check the final bus departure times (around 4 pm) so you don't get stuck up there
  6. ute walk from there. Read here about how to get on and off the buses in Kagoshima. Head to the Orita Kisen website (ferry operator) to get more details on prices and contact details if you'd like to make a reservation. Head here to find out more ways to get to Kagoshima New Port
  7. als in Kagoshima are more than 1 hour's travel away from Kagoshima Airport. Please plan your travels accordingly. Q2.How would you like to travel

Transport to Yakushima is either by ferry or by flight

In Yakushima there are no banks and there are few ATMs; they are only found in post offices, so you should bring enough cash. In Miyanoura there are two, next to the airport one, in Anbo one and in Onoaida one. The island is off the radar of foreign tourists, we would just be 50 gaijin a day. That means that almost nobody speaks English There are three ways to get to Yakushima Island from Kagoshima (Kyushu): high speed boat, car ferry, or plane. You can take a high speed jetfoil boat that leaves the high speed ferry terminal of the Kagoshima Port for 8,400 yen There are 7 ways to get from Tokyo to Yakushima (Island) by plane, train, ferry, night bus, bus, car ferry or car Fly Tokyo Haneda to Yakushima • 4h 52m. Train to Tokyo Narita, fly to Yakushima • 5h 51m. Fly Tokyo Haneda to Tanegashima, ferry • 7h 35m. Train, ferry • 10h 34m. Night bus, bus,. Unlike urban areas, Yakushima's environment doesn't supply a large variety of foods, and so the island's overarching feature may be that we don't havewhatever, whenever.Though, there are foods that grow here natively, reach us at the righttime of the season, and get into our mouths anyway. Looking at Yakushima's natural scenery, I don't think I see the same scenetwice. We make it our mission.

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  1. You can get around by using public transport, but it is just not very convenient if you want to stop a lot along the way to take pictures or visit more remote areas. I recommend hiring a car. Driving is easy as there are no big (crowded) cities on Yakushima. The route around the island is easy to navigate and there are plenty of parking spots.
  2. Yakushima has one major ring road that goes the entire way around the island. Buses run regularly along this route, but due to the remote nature of many of the island's attractions, private transport is recommended to get around quickly. There are rental agencies near Miyanoura Port
  3. How To Get There Address. Yakushima, Yakushima, Kumage District, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan By boat. There are a few different options for getting to Yakushima from Kagoshima, at the southern tip of mainland Kyushu. The fastest way is via jetfoil speed boat, which takes around 2 to 2 1/2 hours and costs ¥15,000 for a round trip (add ¥1,100 during high season). A car ferry travels between.
  4. Probably not the most energy-efficient method, but the quickest way to get to Yakushima. While the ferries take between four and five hours from Kagoshima, the hydrofoil takes only two. You'll have to register beforehand through the website in Japanese, though
  5. There are 5 ways to get from Kumamoto to Yakushima (Island) by train, ferry, car, bus or car ferry. Yakushima Island is an incredibly diverse paradise island existing off the coast of Kagoshima's southernmost coast; it hosts a world full of wondrous misty rainforests to explore, steep and challenging mountains to hike, and crystal clear waters to snorkel and scuba dive through. Yakushima.
  6. imize your travel time. There are no direct flights to Yakushima from Tokyo or Osaka. A layover and transfer to a small aircraft are required at Kagoshima. If you.
  7. How to Get to Yakushima. Yakushima is an island off to the south-south-west of Kagoshima Prefecture. It has a population of about 13,000 and an area of 500 km 2. The island was formed by the upheaval of granite which made the whole island quite mountainous. There are no bridges or tunnels which connect Kyushu island and Yakushima, so you must.

how to get to Yakushima. While the closest point to the Japanese mainland is Kagoshima prefecture, Yakushima is part of the archipelago known as the Osumi Islands which also includes the physically smaller but more populated Tanegashima which is home to the Japanese Space Centre. Yakushima's pacific location means that it collects more rain than almost anywhere else in Japan but is also home. 3 Yakushima Tourism Center (屋久島観光センター, yakushima kankō senta-) (leave the port, once at the It can only be reached on foot, and to get there, hikers must be reasonably fit and start before dawn in order to complete the arduous 10- or 12-hour round trip. It is a beautiful and interesting enough hike, but the steep trail to and from Jomon sugi does not go through the most. How To Travel Yakushima With No Car Yakushima: a Hidden Paradise. Yakushima is a hidden paradise that can rival Hawaii if you know where to look. It has... Yakushima Island Port. Transportation on the Island. The island doesn't have much in the way of transportation. There is a bus that goes. How to get there: A flight from Tokyo to Kagoshima takes about an hour and 45 minutes, and from there you can walk on straight on to a propellor plane from Kagoshima to Yakushima that takes about.

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How to compare and get the best flights from Yakushima to Tokushima? The price chart above shows the lowest 2-way flight prices from Yakushima to Tokushima for each month. Clicking on the price will take you to a calendar view to choose specific dates as per your itinerary. If you are planning well in advance, you can set-up Skyscanner's price alerts to get notification whenever there is a. Yakushima is encouraging all of those who get in the mountain to use a portable toilet. Do it in a disposal bag, and carry it in the tight zip bag, of which you can dispose in the designated box at the exit of the national park. A set of portable toilet is sold for ¥500 or ¥700 for two sets in Yakushima. For more detail, please ask us

If you're planning to travel to Yakushima there are a handful of different ways to get there: you can fly, take a zippy hydrofoil or, if you're like me, take the car ferry. It's the slowest option but, at ¥9200 for the return trip (¥7900 off-season), also the cheapest. It leaves at 8:30 every morning from the south pier of Kagoshima Port, arriving in Miyanoura at 12:30, then departing there. Driving towards Seibu Rindo on western Yakushima and into the World Heritage zone, we saw more monkeys and deer. I thought we'd already seen the most beautiful part of Yakushima, but I was wrong. Seibu Rindo was by far the best. Here, there are no trails so you can't go into the forest without a guide. You would certainly get lost This place is VERY easy to get to, especially from Tokyo. I took the Shinkansen to Shiroishizao and then once you get there, you will either have to wait for a taxi or have the small trip office outside of the train gates call one for you. Make sure that the park is open though, but it normally closes at around 4:30 though we got there around. Get cheap flights from Izumo to Yakushima with Skyscanner India. Skyscanner is consumer's favourite and won Condé Nast Traveller Readers' Travel Awards 2018 (India's most influential travel awards) as favourite travel app to find cheap flights quickly. How to compare and get the best flights from Izumo to Yakushima? The price chart above shows the lowest 2-way flight prices from Izumo to.

The Yakushima Traverse is an amazing 3-day, 39 km hike across the mountains of Yakushima. Whilst most people do a day hike to the famous Jomon Sugi and Wilson's Stump, this hike offers those sights and much more. There are many tracks across the mountains, and this hike combines 6 or 7 of these. I recommend purchasing a book called Yakushima- a Yakumonkey guide and a map of the hike (山と. There's no need to reserve a ticket for the Hibiscus ferry (neither for the Yakushima 2), as there are less than a dozen passengers on each trip once I did the trip alone from Yakushima to Tanegashima!!! Food: Be prepared with food for the trip. Inside the boat, there only machines selling instant noodles and drinks. At Taniyama Port you fins more or less the same options. So it's. Compare ferries from Tanegashima to Yakushima. There are 2 ferry routes operating between Tanegashima and Yakushima offering you combined total of 28 sailings per week. Tane Yaku Jetfoil operates 2 routes, Nishinoomote to Miyanoura runs 14 times per week & Nishinoomote to Anbo about 14 times weekly. As the frequency and duration of crossings on some routes varies we would advise that you do a. From Yakushima Airport: Take the bus and get off at Acoop-mae (approx. 16 min). About 1 min on foot from there. Check availability. Minshuku Miyoshiya. Yakushima, Yakushima. This small guest house offers a cozy, at-home atmosphere. Guests of all ages will enjoy seafood cuisine meals prepared with the freshest catch from the nearby waters of Yakushima. How to get there? From Yakushima Airport.

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  1. As I get motion sick extremely easily, I decided to take the more expensive Jetfoil version instead of the normal ferry. I didn't regret it. It also saves time! When the Jetfoil finally arrived in Yakushima, the weather was quite horrible. There is an old saying that it's raining 35(!) days a month on Yakushima
  2. The tree is thought to be between 3,000 to 7,000 years old and is one of the most impressive sights on Yakushima. To get to the tree you need to hike from nearby from Arakawa-tozanguchi and it takes around eight to ten hours to get there and back again, on a route that stretches for almost twenty kilometers. 6. Tour the Yakusugi Museum Source: www.yakusugi-museum.com Yakusugi Museum. If you.
  3. g that's where you originate—it probably will be) is relatively straightforward. If you don't book one of two daily flights between the airports, you'll need to book one of the super-fast jetfoil ferry services that depart Kagoshima at least once every two hours

It has always been one of my favourite trail areas on Yakushima because of its ease of access and the quality of the trails that start from there. If you only hike in one area on Yakushima, I recommend coming here and taking the 150 min course. There is an entrance fee of ¥300 to get into the trail but you also get a leaflet in English. Shiratani Unsuikyo Leaflet (English) The path follows. Among them, there is a tree which is estimated to be 7,200 years old called Jōmonsugi (a cedar tree from the Jōmon era). It is also known as the King of Yakusugi , due to its huge size. This article is about the trekking course to the Jōmonsugi - Yakushima's ancient cedar tree, and the charming trees and spots you will encounter along the way The location of this guesthouse and access to the rest of the island was great, easy to get to from the ferry and even though we were early for check-in we were still able to store our bags and there was plenty of information provided about the best ways to get around and things to see near-by. The check-in process was simple and the owners were friendly. The beds and rooms were clean and. If you are planning well in advance, you can set-up Skyscanner's price alerts to get notification whenever there is a price change from Kagoshima to Yakushima flights Subscribe to Skyscanner's newsletters to get updated with recent promo deals directly to your email inbox. Download Skyscanner app to get notified with recent promo deals on your smartphone. Kagoshima to Yakushima flights promo. There are other famous trees such as Tenchu Sugi which is claimed as one of the tallest cedar trees in Yakushima. You can choose a preferable course from 30, 50, 80, and 150-minute-long depending on the length. Although the trails are easy to explore and relatively flat, make sure to wear suitable shoes such as comfortable sneakers

Are there any travel restrictions from Osaka to Yakushima right now? COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing fast, but we're here to help you find the advice you need. Check our live page on travel restrictions to see if you can travel from Osaka to Yakushima, and if you'll need to quarantine on arrival. How many airports are there in ? There's one airport in : Yakushima. What is the best. To get promo fares on Yakushima to Tokyo flights, sign up for our price alerts to be notified as soon as the fares drop so you can book your flight at the lowest prices. If you have flexible travel dates, you can click on Whole Month or Cheapest Month on your departure date when you make a Skyscanner flight search, and we'll provide the cheapest dates to fly from Yakushima to Tokyo Yakushima has so much unspoiled nature and is also home of Japan's oldest recorded tree in history: Three of the oldest cedar trees here are: Nidaiosugi, Kugurisugi, and Yayoisugi. Though it's easy to get lost in the beauty of the forest, there are clear signs and markings around to guide you. Keep your eyes out for deer too! You're likely run into other tour groups going around but. Many visitors to Yakushima get satisfied only with trekking, but in fact its ocean and rivers are filled with things to do. The waters around Yakushima are rich in migratory fish brought by the Kuroshio Japan Current; go scuba diving and you just might get to see a sea turtle! There are also sea kayaking tours which explore gorgeous bays and caverns, as well as numerous places to go fishing.

Are there any travel restrictions from Kagoshima to Yakushima right now? COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing fast, but we're here to help you find the advice you need. Check our live page on travel restrictions to see if you can travel from Kagoshima to Yakushima, and if you'll need to quarantine on arrival. How many airports are there in ? There's one airport in : Yakushima. What is the. Compare cheap flights and find tickets from Dusseldorf (DUS) to Yakushima (KUM). Book directly with no added fees. We value your privacy. To offer you a more personalised experience, we (and the third parties we work with) collect info on how and when you use Skyscanner. It helps us remember your details, show relevant ads and improve our services. More info is in our Cookie Policy. Please. What to do in Yakushima Hike moss-covered forests. Upon all my research for hikes in Yakushima, Shiratani Unsuikyo came up as THE Must-Do hike. If you're familiar with the anime film, Princess Mononoke, fun fact is the mystic forest setting stemmed from inspiration by the real life Shiratani Unsuikyo forest. Moss I say more?! To get here, we took a bus from our ryokan (luckily, bus stop was.

Der Flughafen Yakushima (jap. 屋久島空港, Yakushima-Kūkō) ist ein kleiner Verkehrsflughafen der Stadt Yakushima auf der gleichnamigen Insel in Japan, Präfektur Kagoshima.Der Flughafen liegt etwa 13 Kilometer östlich vom Stadtzentrum Yakushimas an der Nordostküste der Insel. Von hier gibt es derzeit (2009) nur Inlandsverbindungen. Der Flughafen Yakushima gilt nach der japanischen. As of April, there are 5 flights per week flying from Osaka Itami to Yakushima. Compare flights from Osaka to Yakushima and find cheap tickets with Skyscanner Skyscanner is a fast and simple travel search engine that compares hundreds of flights from all major airlines and travel agents, finding you the best deal on cheap plane tickets to Yakushima from Osaka We have some great tips on how to find last minute deals to get to Yakushima on a budget. Click on the link and learn how to get a last minute flight bargain. Use our Price Alerts feature and monitor how flight prices from Osaka to Yakushima are changing over time. We'll drop you an email whenever the price changes, telling you whether the price has risen, decreased, or if there is no change.

There are 5 flights per week flying from Osaka to Yakushima, as of April. Compare flights from Osaka to Yakushima and find the cheapest flights with Skyscanner Skyscanner is a fast and simple travel search engine that helps you to find cheap flights and great prices on flights from Osaka to Yakushima There isn't much in the guides for Yakushima except this book and it's website. We were planning several days there especially walking in the forest - there are walks in the book too. Unfortunately this was cancelled because of the earthquake and tsunami so can't verify it's contents yet Jomonsugi: Such hard work to get there & back but Well worth it. - See 247 traveler reviews, 267 candid photos, and great deals for Yakushima-cho, Japan, at Tripadvisor There are no airlines that fly directly from Yakushima to Tokyo. Get cheap flights from Yakushima to Tokyo with Skyscanner Australia Our search engine is a consumer favourite and recommended in Australia as a comprehensive and fast way to find cheap flights

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How to get Yakushima Island First of all, you cannot go to Yakushima island from the Kagoshima city center by car because there is no bridge or tunnel. By air The direct flights are: 90mins from Itami( Osaka) airport to Yakushima airport (once a day by JAC) 65mins from Fukuoka airport to Yakushima airport (once a day by JAC Renting a car is by far the best way to get around Yakushima. The bus system is infrequent and slow, but with a car you can cover many attractions on the same day, and get to places the bus doesn't go to. You will also avoid the stress and rush to catch the last bus after a day of hiking. Rental Car in Yakushima. Tourist Information Offices. There are three tourist information offices around. getting there: You can either get to Yakushima by boat or by plane. Planes leave from Osaka, Fukuoka and Kagoshima. Boats all leave from Kagoshima. To get to Yakushima from Tokyo you will have to transfer at some point. Despite it being quite well connected, getting to Yakushima can be a little more expensive than other islands. The fastest boats in are the hydrofoils named Toppy and Rocket. How to Get There. The island is accessible by (fun!) hydrofoil or (slow!) car ferry from Kagoshima. Japan Air Commuter also flies to the island from Fukuoka and Osaka. Use this handy guide to transport options while planning your trip. Getting Around. Most places on Yakushima are accessible by local bus. Alternatively, there are many rental car. How to Get There and Getting Around. Yakushima is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, not just because it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. However, the island is highly isolated and difficult to get to. You can travel by air to Osaka, Kagoshima or Fukouka if you are coming from international destinations. From these jump-off points, you need to ride a ferry. There.

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To get to yakushima, we caught the rocket ferry (fast ferry) from Kagoshima.We stayed at the Youth Hostel there and it was clean comfortable accomodation with english speaking host. We were given very clear directions and maps on how to climb to Jomon Sugi. The next morning, we set off around 430am very early to catch a bus to the starting point of the walk. By the time the bus got there , it. Thanks Amazinga - sounds like some local knowledge there. We have been arranging bento boxes already so that will not be a problem. We have a rental car so getting to the museum bus stop shouldn't be a problem either. We are prepared to get there for an early bus to the trail head (5am or earlier) and am prepared to take a later bus down (eg 5-6pm), but to clarify Yakushima is a place where wild monkeys and deer outnumber people, rivers flow with pure drinking water and there are more shades of green in the flora than there are words available to describe them. Despite its popularity among Japanese, the mysterious isle is lesser known in the international tourist circuit. This, combined with its remoteness, poses a challenge for the English-speaking. But first, we gotta get one thing straight: Yakushima is not an easy side-trip. It's far away. Really far away. Wayyyyy down there! Even within Kyushu (the bottom island), getting to Yakushima is no easy feat. You'll not only have to take a 3+ hour bullet train from Fukuoka City to Kagoshima, but then you'll have to ride a 2 hour speedboat from Kagoshima to Yakushima. Once there, it is. There was something about the danger of climbing mountains in the snow, risks to the cameraman and director, and not wanting to give foreigners the idea that climbing mountains in Japan in winter was an easy thing. I accepted that this was how things were going to be and forgot about winter in Yakushima. I proposed some other locations that I.


Yakushima's mountains are crisscrossed by hiking trails, but there are generally two primary routes used to reach Jomon Sugi; the shortest route starting at the Arakawa Trail Head and the slightly longer path starting at Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine park entrance. The two paths eventually merge and lead to the Ohkabu Trail which passes the tree There are also routes to Yakushima's ports from Tanegashima, the neighbouring Osumi Island to the east, with an average sail time of 50 minutes and frequent services. Tane Yaku Jetfoil uses Boeing 929 Jetfoil ferries, resulting in smooth and enjoyable journeys. Read More Read Less. Popular Ferry Operators . 63 Sailings Weekly 45 min; Get price; Routes and Ports in Yakushima. Map view; List.

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Walk through beautiful forests, such as the Kohanayama Forest and Tenmon-no-mori Forest and hike up the steep ridge to the summit at 1,497m. At the summit there is a 40m pyramid shaped natural stone on a pedestal, almost like an art piece. On a clear day, you can overlook the Anbo village, and in June, Yakushima Rhododendron bloom near the summit Yakushima is Japan's wettest place, and annual precipitation in Yakushima is one of the world's highest at 4,000 to 10,000 mm (160 to 390 in). It is said by the locals to rain 35 days a month. There are drier periods in autumn and winter, while the heaviest downpours occur in spring and summer, often accompanied by landslides. It is the southernmost place in Japan where there is snow in the. There are no airlines that fly directly from Okinawa Naha to Yakushima. Compare flights from Okinawa to Yakushima using Skyscanner's flight search Skyscanner is a free travel search engine that helps travellers compare cheap tickets from all major travel agents and airlines, thereby finding you the best deal on flights from Okinawa to Yakushima There're a lot of things to do in Yakushima. Jomon Sugi trekking isn't the only thing to do there. They have other beautiful trekking courses (from beginner to expert), that allow you to see waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and the clear blue sea (good to dive) and you can eat delicious local food! Don't worry, there are a lot of travel companies and they'll help you figure out what to.

There is a big red sign when passing Yakushima Orion. The second floor of this building is your home. You can enter from the back door to the 2nd floor. 屋久島オリオンを通り過ぎると大きな赤い看板があります。 この建物の2階があなたのお家です。2階へは裏口から入ることができます Airport Guide Yakushima Airport. Airport Guide. Updated:2019/10/25. Related Sites. Airport Security Checks; Terminal Map. Key to Symbols. Please pass through the security checkpoint at least 20 minutes prior to the departure, and be at the gate no later than 10 minutes before the departure,or you may not be able to be on board the plane. 1st Floor . Fares; Routes / timetable; Inflight / lounge. There are no airlines that fly directly from Tokyo to Yakushima. Compare flights from Tokyo to Yakushima using Skyscanner's flight search Skyscanner is a free travel search engine that helps travellers compare cheap tickets from all major travel agents and airlines, thereby finding you the best deal on flights from Tokyo to Yakushima If there is more than one ferry company operating on the Kagoshima Yakushima route we will show you all the ferry companies, to make sure you get our best price. We'll also show you any routes similar to Kagoshima to Yakushima so you have the complete picture when making your booking

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There's one airport in : Yakushima. How many airlines fly direct from Obihiro to Yakushima? There are no airlines that fly directly from Obihiro to Yakushima. Get cheap flights from Obihiro to Yakushima with Skyscanner Australia. Our search engine is a consumer favourite and recommended in Australia as a comprehensive and fast way to find cheap flights. We are rated highest on Product Review. Find cheap flights from Fukuoka to Yakushima on Skyscanner. Book the best deals for your flights to KUM from FUK. COVID-19 travel info. Navigate travel entry restrictions and quarantine requirements for any destination with our live map. And get updates when things change. View live map. Skyscanner. Help; English (UK) EN Singapore $ SGD SGD ($) Flights. Hotels. Car Hire. Return. One way. Multi. Yakushima has an airport so you can get there by plane. Alternatively, you take a ferry from Kagoshima, which is what I did. There are three options: The Toppy & Rocket hydrofoil service is the fastest but also the priciest. The journey takes roughly 2.5 hours and a return ticket costs around 16,000 yen. You can see times and fares if you click on the link above. The Yakushima 2 ferry takes. There are interesting sand-related exhibitions, and you can get sand inspired chocolate souvenir bars to take home. Location on Map: Yakushima Island. To really get in touch with Japan's nature at its very best, you need to spend some time on Yakushima Island. This island is not only a haven for animals and one of the best natural sights in Japan, it's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Answer 1 of 5: Hello - we'll be travelling in a few weeks and intend to visit Jomonsugi via the Arakawa Trail. We'll have a car but have read that there are traffic restrictions, and all visitors must change to bus from Yakusugi Museum to the trail head..

Are there any travel restrictions from Tokyo Haneda to Yakushima right now? COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing fast, but we're here to help you find the advice you need. Check our live page on travel restrictions to see if you can travel from Tokyo Haneda to Yakushima, and if you'll need to quarantine on arrival. How many airports are there in ? There's one airport in : Yakushima. What. There are several hiking trails you can take through the forest. The shortest takes an hour, while the longest takes four hours. You can get information on the hiking trails from the Yakushima World Heritage Conservation Center, so feel free to explore without a guide. Just be sure to bring your rain gear — the locals say that on Yakushima it. There are very small leeches, so check yourself after you get out! Personally, this was the favorite place during my week-long trip to Yakushima! There is a nearby gas station called Cosmo where a kind lady will make a fish meal for you if you if you ask. It was really delicious

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Click on the link and learn how to get a last minute flight bargain. Use our Price Alerts feature and monitor how flight prices from Yakushima to Osaka are changing over time. We'll drop you an email whenever the price changes, telling you whether the price has risen, decreased, or if there is no change, helping you to get cheap last-minute. There are numerous trails leading to Mt. Miyanoura. Yodogawa trail is the most popular one for number of reasons. It is the only trail that allows you a same day roundtrip to the peak of Mt. Miyanoura. It is also arguably the easiest path to the peak. Like many others, I also took the Yodogawa trail to reach the peak and then followed the Arakawa trail the next day to get out of the mountains. Yakushima is a wonderful island with some of the best hikes that I have ever seen (moody, misty and at times haunting landscapes all over) but it sometimes gets tiring to arrange the transportation to get to the trail heads if you do not have a car. The buses do not run very often. So you in most cases need to wait for at least couple of hours for the first bus to take you back to the town. Yakushima is a small island located in the south-west of Kyushu, Japan. But every year, many tourists come here to enjoy sightseeing, hiking, snorkeling and so on. We are trying to spread news and information not only about Yakushima's nature, but also its fantastic people and culture. ―Yakushima will soon celebrate its quarter-century anniversary since it was designated a UNESCO World. Whether you're taking a last-minute break or a much needed getaway, flights from Fukuoka to Yakushima on Trip.com can help you get there with ease. With Trip.com, you can browse popular airlines with flights to Yakushima, check the best season to visit, and preview Yakushima attractions before you arrive. With flight deals and exciting attractions waiting for you to explore in Yakushima, the.

Yakushima: Yakusugi Land

But there is a legend, a relic from a hundred years ago, about a tree, far bigger than any other on the island, so large that it takes 13 people with outstretched hands to encircle it, and no one alive knows exactly where it is, although it's somewhere in the mountains, above the logging operations. And imagine there's a man, named Teiji Iwakawa, who works at the town office, and he's. Shiratani Unsuikyo Valley: it takes some effort to get there, but it is worth every step. - See 724 traveler reviews, 999 candid photos, and great deals for Yakushima-cho, Japan, at Tripadvisor There is no easy way to get there if you are not renting a car, so I'd say the place is not meant for highly budgeted travelers.That said you want to have a car to explore Yakushima effectively. Hiro is a very welcoming and excellent host with a lot of knowledge of the area and has good food, sightseeing and hiking recommendations. I loved the approach to the guesthouse, with the bridge and. Go Yakushima are a tour guide company based upon the UNESCO island of Yakushima in southern Japan. In 1993, the island was recognized by UNESCO as being the best example of bio-diversity in East Asia. The natural beauty of the island is a great attraction for visitors, but upon one of our tours then the visitors begin to realize that there is more to our island than wonderful areas of.

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